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ALIENATION was written during the winter and spring of 2013 and recorded live in May 2013. Vocals were recorded during June 2013.

ALIENATION is available on 12" vinyl through us, Dog Knights Productions (UK), Boslevan Records (UK), Rope or Guillotine Records (NL), SADDESTSONG Records (FR) and Middle-Man Records (US).

It's also available on tape through Ödebygd Records (SWE).



released November 2, 2013

Music recorded live by Tommy Tift at Studio Motion
Vocals recorded by Francisco "Pancho" Ulloa at Djungel Studio
Mixed by Mattias Persson at Sceleris Ljudproduktion
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio
Artwork/layout/design made by Julian by the ocean in Spain




RAINMAKER Eslöv, Sweden

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Track Name: abolish...
Track Name: still waters run deep
Yes, my heart is still pumping the bloody pain
Of these long years of silence and disappointments.
No, I don't love you and you don't either,
I am just an event of your life, a consequence
Of your miserable way of being and your stupid acts.
I'm not a page in your book, just a line in your biography,
(I've) Never been someone to be proud of
Rather a great example of what you'd reject
(You'll) never be someone to be proud of
Your thoughts are as deep... as deep as a puddle.

And tell me I wouldn't want to jump in your thoughts,
With both my feet tied and splash 'em all out
Your words make me stumble as the wine in your veins
Speak out the fever of all my awful pains.
I'll never digest the horrible sound of your voice
I wasn't born to pretend to be someone I am not.
Can't swallow that flesh you're pushing down my throat.
So yeah, just lock me in that dark room for another night,
Anxiety shakes up my body with that beast in my sight.
Over the limit and way too far you've gone that time,
It's now my turn to be in the center of my intentions.
So please leave me on the floor, start feeling the tension.
Fuck no, I will never be a so-called man like you,
I don't wanna be a tough and a stubborn ignorant.
Let me be sensitive, let me cry, let me love how the hell I want.
Out of my boundaries beats my heart over all
Like the sound of your fist smashing up that wall
Paper won't be enough to cover the marks of this fall
Someday you'll realize that you've lost what you did best
So you'll bite your fingers and then I will say :

Still waters run deep!
And it took me years to
Still waters run deep!
Put words on my feelings but
How great it feels to finally be able to write all this
Still waters run deep!
And you've never got that
Still waters run deep!
See, I can scream aswell, though
I actually have something to tell

It's not your parents' death that will make me get back to you.
Neither will yours. The only thing we've got in common is our blood.
It was your decision to leave me here, alone. You call yourself a man
But you never had the courage to explain me why. But in fact,
You're a coward, you repulse me. You're meaningless to me.
This is the last attention I'm giving you, go to hell!
Track Name: relinquish your grip on the rope, you won't fall
Rack and Ruin

"The worst is not to know the reasons,
Not to understand. It leaves you speechless.
It conquers your mind and colonizes your
Thoughts and you're unable to fucking think
Straight. Your heart keeps pumping
Uncertainty through your veins and you
Run the risk of becoming a mere shadow
Of your former self. You bite your lip fighting
The pain as you aimlessly walk around a
City full of scars that won't let you forget
Although you keep telling yourself to; the
Perils of opening your heart. Apparently,
These are the perils of letting other people
Get too close. What doesn't kill you usually
Still hurts a lot. It only makes you weak
But you have got to be strong not to go
To rack and ruin."

- Plague Mass

Relinquish your grip on the rope, you won't fall

I've counted on the sea to be the one listening,
To be around when times get tough
But everytime the storm gets closer
Its waves just flush me all out
From the lighthouse's brightness
To the darkness of its deep waters.
Everyday she stands here quiet,
Her silence crushes my bones,
One by one. It leaves me apathetic,
Numb and speachless.
I still find myself today,
Running after those feelings,
Collecting the broken pieces...

So please hand me a shovel so that I can dig a hole between us,
and throw in the flowers, the rings, the notes and the memories
I'd rather shoot myself than let you hold my hand any longer.

La distance, l'appréhension de t'adresser la parole et de s'émouvoir en face de toi. Et cette belle idée que tu t'es construite seule dans ta tête, de quelqu'un qui n'existe pas. Alors aujourd'hui je vais arrêter d'essayer. Je vais arrêter de prétendre. Me donner la main, c'est creuser un peu plus le vide entre nous deux. Car ce n'est point les sourires, ni les masques qui m'empêcheront de voir le malaise, le mal-être. Je peux la sentir l'atmosphère macabre et les ambiguïtés dégueulasses qui parcourent la pièce. Ça me file la gerbe de voir ces murs se refermer sur nous. Le souffle coupé, les battements en suspens. Et toi qui nies and dénies tout ça. Alors ce soir je vais partir la gueule grande ouverte avec l'envie de bouffer des kilomètres, de me retrouver seul, de reconnecter mon cerveau avec mon coeur.
Track Name: rather die young, than die young at heart
Don't be afraid and let all this go
There is no such a thing as gender roles
No codes to follow according to
Whether you were born ,
With a vagina or a sack of balls
Rules, roles and codes are here to be abolished
So go ahead and become who you really are,

Fuck the stigmas and the white-trash diagnoses.
Fuck your misogynist culture and shitty traditions
Fuck acting according to your leg-in-betweeners
Fuck following a set of rules they taught you to follow
Fuck being the provider or the provided
Not here to please partners but here to please myself
There ain't no colour shades in our world
'Cause everything you offer is just black, black, black

Whoever you are, don't undergo their oppression,
The only person you should live up to is yourself
Never let them silence you!
Track Name: farewell swallows
Drawing the darkest landscapes, the deepest frozen lakes.
Where cold is a glint of nothingness's glow.
Drawing emptiness without knowing where to stop.
Stumble, tremble, shiver, shatter!

You can keep telling me white,
My answer will always be black.

De jour les victimes, c'est toujours facile.
Se morfondre est le chemin le plus court à prendre vers la sortie.
Tu peux mettre ça sur le compte de la jeunesse ou de l'ignorance.
Mais toujours est-il que je n'ai plus de temps à perdre.
Je ne sais pas où je vais, mais je suis pressé d'y aller.
Adieu hirondelles et autres collines,
Ce soir, c'est mon jour de grâce.

This is just one more winter,
This is just one more winter...
Endless and unpardonable.
Mother Sea, you've left me in the void,
And all I've got left is a frozen heart!
Farther Sun, you've left me in the void,
And all I've got left is a frozen heart!
Wide-open arms to freedom,
Raise your eyes to the sky and
Hear falling, its hoarse noises.
So meet Jackdaw, he's my brother,
Taking me away from here!

I've never considered the idea, that it might be possible, for me to fly,
To these dark landscapes that I've pictured myself in and,
Leave my bitterness behind. Leave place for Grace!
Track Name: silence
Track Name: falling off the sky
These endless sleepless hours drawing sceneries,
Thinking of you my bird, going from branches to cities.
With all your grace, flying over the human anthills,
Where the folks stare at you,
Where the folks envy you...
But better are the things you've got to do,
Better than letting them tear off your wings.
Perhaps, every human being would like to be a bird,
Likely, to see their lives from the top of their buildings,
And fly down their streets. Fly down their streets.
Certainly, they could have wings, and finally attempt to reach for the stars,
But tell me how the hell could they ever be graceful like you?
And the ground will always be the only thing they will ever
Get to touch when falling off the sky.
Track Name: ...alienation